I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.

Throughout my childhood in Maryland, drawing was one of my favorite pastimes, rivaled only by my love of animals and the outdoors. 

When I wasn't drawing I could be found up trees and in oceans, or sitting for hours waiting for a chipmunk to come out of its hole (I was convinced it wanted to be my new best friend).

Since art is complementary to most things, I often combined my two loves into one blissful activity- drawing animals and the natural world.

Countless horse sketches and flower paintings adorned the fridge; and when it came time for me to spend my precious daylight hours in school, I covered hundreds of notebooks and dividers with ink drawings of flowers, trees, horses, and other animals.

Nothing was- and is- more magical to me than the natural wonders around us. 

Today I reside in the beautiful and gloriously wild Pacific Northwest with my two children, cat, dogs, horse, and guinea pigs; and I am continuously  inspired and in all at all the beauties small and large that surround me every time I step outside my door. 

My greatest hope as an artist is that you see something in my work that sparks a deep connection to the wonder of the natural world and a belief in the magic all around us.  Thank you so much for being here!