Orb Weaver Spider- Acrylic Painting


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This is an original acrylic painting of a beautiful orb weaver spider. There are flecks of gold paint on the web and spider body, which catch the light!

This beautiful being was hanging in a nondescript eave of a small building at a wildlife refuge on Kauai. My five year old daughter spotted her and wouldn't let me keep walking without first taking a picture.

I'm so glad she did because this orb weaver was so fun to work on. Her delicate legs and markings were almost meditative to paint.

Not all animal ambassadors live in sanctuaries...some live in the wild and help us to connect more deeply to life when we come across them- just like this orb weaver did when my daughter saw her. 

It is ready to hang or frame if you wish (edges are painting and hardware is on the back so a frame isn't necessary).