Why conservation art?

From a young age I was fascinated by the Earth. Animals, plants, rocks- pretty much anything I could find outside- but especially animals. I loved spending time with them, learning about them, and drawing them. Even as a child, I knew that I wanted to do more to help. One of my first (somewhat dubious) attempts was in the fifth grade with a friend. We decided we wanted to help at one of the local nature centers so we spent an afternoon with the yellow pages and a land line calling around seeing which one of these centers would jump at the chance to work with us (spoiler alert: none of them). My belated apologies go out to anyone who fielded one of those phone calls...  A later attempt to wrap my head around the issues surrounding animal welfare and environmentalism was much more organized thanks to a project in my high school civics class. We were to choose an issue and present all sides- before then forming our own opinion of the issue. I chose animal rights and, as these were the days before the internet, I wrote to many organizations for information on their causes and ideas. As I sat on the floor of my home in the midst of numerous brochures and action sheets, I began to formulate how I personally viewed the issue. Those views have guided much of my decision making since then, as I continue to try to live as a good steward of the Earth.

It is many years later, but I am still fueled by a passion for animals and a concern for environmental welfare. Although we as a species have made many positive strides in the right direction- there is still much to do.  My vision for my work as an artist is to make a difference for those who don't have a voice.  I paint wildlife with the intention of capturing the essence of that animal's soul. I ask each animal to guide me in transforming what it is that makes them unique and magical into a work of art.

When viewing one of these paintings, you are connecting in a very real way to the animal itself. My vision is to empower you to feel a deeper connection to the magic of the natural world as a whole- a connection that then brings the presence of that magic more fully into your daily life.

It is also my vision as a conservation artist to be a catalyst for change. To raise public awareness of the individuality and wonder of each animal and to help increase resources for the 'boots on the ground' of animal advocacy and conservation- the people and organizations working tirelessly every day to care for and support the animals and environments they serve. Each of these Conservation Paintings benefits an animal sanctuary or conservation group chosen based on the subject matter of the painting.  Each organization will be vetted for responsibility of operations. In this way I hope to raise awareness and financial support for conservation efforts around the world.

The Earth and her animals need our help- thank you for coming along with me on the journey!