The Faerie Queen and the Changeling

Elven Queen looks into an ornate Victorian style crib at a changeling baby.

The beautiful faerie Queen peers into the ornate crib. What do you think is inside- wee fae babe...or human child? The prompt for Day One of the Faebruary Art Challenge that I'm participating in is 'Changeling'. 

"Hello Beautiful One", the Fae Queen coos to the wee babe in the ornate crib, "don't worry, you're safe now." The wee babe is no fae, but a human child that had been left out on the moors due to her family thinking that she was a Changeling. "You're no changeling, just a beautiful human child with extra magic", she continues to coo to the baby, "you'll live here with us now". 

Changelings were what people called children with unexplained differences that often caused them to be rejected by their human family. The human family would sometimes blame the faerie folk- saying that their 'real' child had been stolen by the fae and that a faerie child had been left in its place. This was often seen as a bad omen and often the child was blamed for things or mistreated- or on the opposite spectrum, treated very well as to not make the Faerie Folk angry. From what I've read though, it was usually not seen as a good thing and the children were often treated badly for being considered Changelings. This belief was held for hundreds of years and had very dark reality surrounding the myth (often myths are used to explain the unexplainable- especially when its something based in the fears of the human population at the time) which is why I imagined my own story here- where the wee baby with 'extra magic' (which could be imagined as anything that makes someone different and/or feared) was saved by the fae and brought to the Faerie Court to be raised by the beautiful and kind Queen.