Spirit Walker and Earthfire Institute

PictureNorthwind Photo credit: Earthfire Institute

"When we feel connected with other living beings and respect for the systems that support them, and us, we make entirely different personal and political decisions" - Earthfire Institute

We are all connected. Everything we do spreads outward, to a degree that most of us could not comprehend even if we tried. We may not feel overly connected to a predator such as a wolf, but in reality we are deeply, deeply connected.

My painting, Spirit Walker, is my contribution to the story of our connectedness with all things. This wolf is everywhere yet nowhere. She is alone, yet with all things. Grounded with the Earth, yet also seamlessly connected with Spirit. She wants to connect with you, to share with you her story and her magic. Will you let her?

Apex predators, such as the wolf, are at risk and have, in many cases, been dwindling in numbers across the United States. Often, we fear them and dislike the instincts that make them who they are- the instincts that make them a necessary part of the web of life. But these instincts are what keep things running as they should (please refer to the amazing video of how wolves change the course of rivers for a beautiful look at how influential and important apex predators are in an ecosystem).

For this reason, I have chosen Earthfire Institute to support with the sale of Spirit Walker.

Why Earthfire Institute?

Earthfire is exactly what the planet needs right now. Their mission statement is to "change the way we see, and therefore treat, wildlife and nature". They are both a wildlife sanctuary with permanent animal residents and a retreat center where people can interact with these animal ambassadors. Not only that, but they have recently revamped their online presence so that people from anywhere on Earth can be part of the conversation.

What makes the conversations led by Earthfire Institute unique is that they not only facilitate the important conversations that inhabitants of this planet NEED to have right now- about what we can do for the Earth- but that they include the animals as equals in the conversation. They are "widening the circle of conversation to include the voices of all living beings".

From the moment it was founded, those at Earthfire realized that creating connections with wild animals was imperative if people were going to change. Most people won't be inspired to act on something that they do not feel directly connected with or passionate about. By fostering direct interaction and connection between the animals at the sanctuary and humans- Earthfire is helping people feel the need for change directly.  It now affects them, because they now know 'The Other' personally. As is stated on their website:

"The wild animals under our care serve as a portal for humans into awareness of the larger community of life: into vivid connections with other living beings."

This is what I too seek to do with my paintings and so I feel honored to be able to support the vision of this wonderful organization.  I plan to give Earthfire Institute 50% of the profit of the sale of the original and 10% of each print of Spirit Walker to support the mission of Earthfire.

Will you come along?

Spirit Walker 24"x30"