Folktale Week Day 5- The Adventures of Prickle and the Fairy

After Prickle had (more than) his share of cucumber sandwiches, he sat with his feet up in the corner of one of the cottage's cozy arm chairs. 

"Thank you for a delightful tea!" he said. 

"You are most welcome!" said Ellen. "You have been such wonderful guests. You have truly honored us by visiting our home! I know that fairies and hedgehogs are most discerning and don't enter the homes of just anyone!" 

"That is true," agreed Esmeralda, "most humans never see woodland fairies, but your daughter is charming and the fact that she could hear us was intriguing enough to lure us out of hiding. It's a most unusual trait."

"Indeed," said Ellen, "Most humans have forgotten how to speak with the animals and plants and other nature beings. Many still don't know or believe that it's even possible. I feel fortunate that I was able to learn and I taught my daughter."

She thought a moment and then continued, "Communication can result in such beautiful understanding between living things. And listening. That's probably the most important part."

They sat in companionable silence for a few minutes and then Ellen said, "Well my dears, you are most welcome to stay as long as you'd like, but I have more work to do in my garden before the sun sets. Clare, would you please help me clear the dishes?" 

After cleaning up (Esmeralda and Prickle also lending a wing and a paw respectively), Prickle asked Clare if he could explore the garden. 

"Of course!" Clare said, "your Aunt Tilly was right, my mom loves to share her garden with others, so go anywhere you'd like!"

As they headed outside, Esmeralda flew over to Ellen to continue a conversation about medicinal plants and Clare followed Prickle as he set off on his afternoon garden adventures. 

Prickle the Hedgehog Explores the Garden Illustration by Becky MacPherson