Folktale Week Day 3- The Adventures of Prickle and the Fairy

“So who taught you to speak to animals?” Prickle wanted to know.

“My mom”, Clare replied. “She’s always talking to them. She feed the birds in her garden and seems to chat with any animal that goes by. Even the crows! Crows might be one of her favorites. She says they really like crackers.”

“Hmmm”, Prickle considered this. “Where do you live?”

“The little house at the edge of the forest. The one with all the lavender out front.”

“Oh I know that one”, exclaimed Prickle, “my Aunt Tilly used to visit that garden all the time! She said you could always visit gardens of those they call witches without much worry, because they tend to like to share their spaces with wee creatures like us. Is your mother a witch then?”

Clare tilted her head. “I’ve never much thought about it”, she said. “She doesn’t call herself one, but then again she doesn’t call herself much of anything.”

She thought for another moment. “She is what she is I guess.”

Esmeralda responded, “That is very true. We all are what we are aren’t we?”

Prickle and Clare nodded their heads in agreement.

“Indeed”, they said.

“What I DO know however”, Esmeralda continued, “is that I am hungry and it’s almost time for afternoon tea. It doesn’t sound like your mother would mind a fairy and a hedgehog joining you for a visit and a nibble?”

“Oh no”, said Clare, “she would be delighted”.

And so the little group set off, Clare giving Prickle a ride in her pocket. Hedgehog legs are good for many things, but keeping up with little girls is generally not one of them.


Clare's house was very close, just over the hill. They arrived quickly and just in time for tea. They found Clare's mother out front clipping lavender for the table. 


"I told you she loves lavender", Clare giggled to her new friends. 


Her mother stood up and looked over. 


"Hello, Clare!", she said smiling. "Back from your walk I see." 


"Yes...and I brought friends!" 


"Oh, how nice!" said Clare's mom, seeing the wee fairy flying by Clare's right shoulder. She wiped her hands on her skirt and offered her outstretched hand to the fairy in greeting. "I'm Ellen. It's an honor to meet you. I've never been hostess to a fairy before. I'm honored to make your acquaintance!"


Esmeralda took the end of Ellen's pointer finger in both of her hands, "I'm Esmeralda. Thank you for welcoming us." She pointed to Clare's pocket. 


"Well!" said Clare's mom, leaning closer. "Who do we have here?" 


Prickle looked out and over the side of the pocket and offered a paw. "I'm Prickle." 


Ellen took the paw gently in two fingers and shook it. "Tea is just about ready. Shall we go in?" 


Smiling, she turned and walked up the path towards the stone cottage. The front door had been painted periwinkle and was very inviting indeed.