Folktale Week Day 1- The Adventures of Prickle and the Fairy

The prompt for Day One of Folktale Week is FOREST, so I drew a pinecone that I had taken a photo of when I visited Yellowstone National Park in October. However, this is FolkTALE Week and felt there needed to be more, so I challenged myself with coming up with a story for each day of this challenge. I initially thought I would write a (very, very) mini story for each drawing, but once I got going on today's became clear that it is just installment one of a longer story. So without further ado, I present: 

The Adventures of Prickle and the Fairy- Installment 1 (Prompt: FOREST)

Sitting on the branch of a great oak tree, the fairy giggled as she looked across the forest path. Her new friend Prickle was undetectable, having taken quickly to the art of camouflage and shape shifting. They had been practicing together all morning. The fairy delighting in the idea that a hedgehog could be something else entirely- or at least appear to be something else entirely. Prickle’s quills were now indistinguishable from a common pinecone.

Now pinecones are common, but far from ordinary as they have their own magic. However, most humans walk right by them, which is why the fairy and prickle had worked on hedgehog to pinecone as a first exercise. Pinecones have safety in numbers- with so many so-called-ordinary pinecones in any given forest, what are the odds that a human would take a closer look at one in particular? Pretty small. Plus it seemed like a natural progression- from spiny hedgehog to spiny pinecone and then back again. Prickle had taken to it quickly and with ease and so now sat undetectable in his altered form.

“I’m so proud of you!”, the fairy thought to her friend. (Animals and fairies speak to each other thought to thought.) “You learned so quickly! We are going to have so much fun together!”

The fairy was enthralled with thoughts of all the adventures they would go on now that she was sure her new friend could change form at will. It was much safer to travel that way...and it didn’t hurt that it added an extra element of fun and mischief making to the whole idea.

“Thank you”, Prickle thought back, “but just so you know, I can see you, which means that little girl can too.”

Surprised, the fairy glanced down the path and saw that in her enchantment over the new skills of her friend, she had failed to notice the small human that had just become visible over the rise of the forest path.

“Never mind”, thought the fairy, “it’s not too late”, and she quickly ducked between the leaves of the oak.

Still and silent, Prickle and the fairy waited for the little girl to pass by, not knowing that this particular little girl was very special indeed...

Stay tuned for installment two!