Feathers and Keys- Day 5- Prickle's Grand Adventure Part II

Owl Illustration in Pen and Ink by Becky MacPherson

Owl Messenger

5 x 7

Ink on Archival Paper


Later that day, Prickle was out behind his home foraging in the ferns for some breakfast when something caused him to look up. He looked carefully, he was not sure what drew his attention from deeper within the forest. Something was different, but he couldn't quite tell what. 

Suddenly he saw it- on a stump that was usually flat across, there was a bump on the top. Prickle moved closer, wondering what it could be that was making that unusual shape. 

'Why,' he thought to himself in wonder, 'it's an OWL!'

There on a mossy stump a little ways from his home was the tiniest owl that Prickle had ever seen. 

As he stood watching in wonder, the wee owl turned and looked Prickle straight in the eyes. Prickle froze, not in fear as he may have done if the owl had been larger, but in anticipation. He felt that something important was about to happen. 

The owl held his gaze, blinked once- a very slow and deliberate blink, a blink that was potent and meaningful- and then spread her wings and silently took flight. 

Prickle was still frozen, watching as the owl flew deeper into the forest. The owl turned, looked Prickle deep in the eyes once again, and then continued her silent flight until she was lost to view.

Prickle knew what he must do. He had made his decision.

"It's time," he thought. "I must have the Grand Adventure that has been calling to me." 

And with that, he turned and strode (as much as a hedgehog as round as Prickle can stride) back to his log home to make preparations.