30 in 30 - Day 20

Where are days 18 and 19 you ask?
Are you missing something? 


Kiddo was home sick on Monday and I didn't get something finished and Tuesday was an art class- PRINT MAKING!- which was 4 hours long, so I considered that a 'painting' for the day.
SO....without further ado
(or trying to catch up)
here is DAY 20! 

Lizard Lunch

Dina the Uromastyx



Listing can be found here!

Do you know what an Egyptian Uromastyx is?
Cause I sure didn't! :)

It's one of the species of lizards more commonly known as 'spiny tailed'.
This is Dina the Uromastyx eating a hibiscus flower at Wild Wonders in San Diego, CA.